Mayhem is an electron/webkit-based web browser that allows anyone to code and speak freely!

Just start the Mayhem browser, visit a site that has a Mayhem button and click ADD 2 MAYHEM! That website can now change any website you visit. You can also build your own Mayhem Server.



Since anyone can change everyone's website, Mayhem is in fact a giant XSS-injection on steriods. As such, Mayhem is a dangerous internet browser. Be careful with using Mayhem. Do not use Mayhem for things like banking. Also be careful what Mayhem Servers you select. Mayhem is exactly what the name inplies. Absolute Mayhem.


Go to a Mayhem server ( for instance), enter the URL of the website you wish to edit and the JavaScript code. To add a simple comment to a website use the build-in note() function:



Just copy the PHP script from the repository or implement the protocol yourself: Add a Mayhem button: <button data-mayhem="add" > and listen for ?url=X where X is the website the browser visits. Upon receiving that request just return a JSON array with Javascripts to be executed on the website, format: [ JS, JS, JS... etc ].

For download/details see: Mayhem on github.